Quick Tips for Test Driving Used Cars

Test driving a used car is a crucial step in separating the good from the bad. It takes more than driving around for a bit and testing the sound system to find a good investment. These tips could help you find a keeper that’s reliable and safe. 

1. Be open-minded 

Each dealership or seller is different. They may be better or worse than their competitors, but remember that design and modifications don’t trump quality. 

Even if you don’t know what kind of car you want, test drive as many as possible. Visit car lots, especially your local dealerships, which often have cars you may never have thought of. If you are in Raleigh NC around Durham, Chapel Hill, or Cary, Capital Pre-Owned Center is one such local dealership. 

2. Take your time 

Quickly giving a car the once over won’t do. You could miss a lot of dents, dings, and internal damage. Check the buttons and gear shift; adjust your mirrors, seats, and safety belts; even the radio and window controls. Make sure that everything is in working condition. 

3. Start the car 

When you start the car, check the heat and cooler. If either takes too long to start, note that down. Pop the hood and listen for irregular sounds, look for leaks, and check the fluid levels. Before you drive, examine the steering – turn the wheel fully both ways. There shouldn’t be any irregular sounds or the need for undue force when doing so. 

4. The drive test 

When you finally hit the road, keep an ear out for odd sounds. Make sure the brakes are smooth and free from vibrations or squealing noises. The transmission should also be controlled without jerky movements. Make sure the drive is comfortable and the vehicle is easy to handle. 

These tips will set you on the right path to finding a used vehicle that’s fully suited to your needs and a worthwhile investment. 

If you are looking for Raleigh dealerships to test drive vehicles, drop by Capital Pre-Owned Center. They are a trusted capital auto pre-owned dealership in the area and sell fully refurbished used cars. 

Source: Unsplash