Top Ten SUVs with Ventilated Seats

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Two important features to look for in SUVs are comfort and safety. Modern cars with enhanced features add to safety and comfort for the better driving experience. Seat cooling or ventilated seats are an essential driving need on a hot day as you remain seat stuck on a long drive. Here are the top 10 models that come with this feature.

Ford Mustang

It is among the topmost sports cars with comfortable seating. The turbocharged engine gives it a peppy acceleration. The interiors are made from superior quality material, and the cargo space is also plenty.

Nissan Maxima

High-class interiors are its defining feature with impressive seat design, but the interior area is smaller in comparison to the other cars in the same segment. Front seats are heated and fully ventilated. Steering and rear seats are also heated.

Chrysler 300

This is a comfortable sedan with a strong engine. Its superior interiors give you a feel of being in a luxury vehicle. User-friendly infotainment, rear-wheel or all-wheel drive, and automatic transmission are some of its other features.

Kia Forte

This is probably the best amongst compact cars with impressive fuel economy. There’s enough rear leg space, including comfortable space for driver and the passengers.

Cadillac CTS

Its engine has sufficient power. There are two additional V6 engines. The fuel economy of this car leaves much to be desired. Its overall performance may be average, but the ride is firm, with comfortable front seats.

Chevrolet Malibu

It has a powerful engine and an amazing fuel economy. Handling the car may be a little complicated, but the ride is smooth. Its safety features are as good as any other car.

Mazda Mazda6

Although not a very comfortable sedan, its interiors are comfortably made of superior material. There are options of pure leather, synthetic, and cloth seats.

Hyundai Sonata

The technological features of this midsized, comfortable, and spacious sedan have an impressive array of user-friendly infotainment systems, six-speed automatic transmission, adjustable ventilated seats to serve five persons, among several more.

Kia Optima

It boasts of the best interiors among the mid-sized cars, marked by comfortable and spacious seating and user-friendly infotainment. Overall, the car offers a very smooth ride.

Honda Accord

The mid-size Honda Accord is characterized by space and comfort. The interior is impressive with the use of superior material along with enhanced safety features.

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Source: Hyundai