Top Five Reasons to Buy a Certified Pre-Owned

If you are planning to buy a used car, this is the best time to think about owning a CPO or a Certified Pre-Owned vehicle. Given here are some of the top reasons why buying a CPO is a smarter decision.

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CPO Vehicles are Vetted for High Quality

Not all used vehicles qualify as CPO vehicles. Auto-makers specify certain criteria for CPO vehicles. Only those vehicles that meet the criteria become CPOs.

Some common quality parameters include:

  • The used car must be of a recent model.
  • It must have more miles on it.
  • It must come with a clean history report.
  • It must possess a clear ownership title.

CPO Vehicles Undergo Rigorous Safety and Performance Testing

Vehicles that pass basic requirements undergo an extensive performance and safety test for further assurance of quality. The vehicle usually undergoes 100 to 200 specific tests depending on the CPO program and the manufacturing company.

Certified mechanics check the vehicle for its working condition and possible damages. They check the engine, brakes, AC, seats, entertainment system, lights, locks, and transmission system, among other parts. Difficult areas such as underbody parts are also thoroughly checked.

Any repairs, if required, are performed by the manufacturer itself.

CPO Vehicles Come with Warranty Coverage and Extra Benefits

Since CPO vehicles are usually of recent models, they may be covered by the manufacturer’s original warranty. A CPO program offers an extra warranty in addition to the original.

CPO warranty sometimes includes extra coverage that may not be included in the original warranty.

You may also discover some extra benefits such as 24-hour roadside assistance in CPO programs. This can be invaluable during times of need (for example, a flat tire, locked out of the car condition, and such situations).

CPO Programs Offer Attractive Financing Options

Most CPO programs offer attractive financing options, sometimes including a no-interest option. Even if a zero-interest option is not available, the interest rates are usually lower than those offered for non-CPO used cars.

The lower interest rate will help you balance the expensive cost of CPO vehicles.

CPO Vehicles Give You the Best Value for Money

Though expensive than non-CPO vehicles, CPO vehicles are worth the investment. They give you complete peace of mind regarding the vehicle title and quality. Moreover, they give you extra benefits.

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