5 Differences Between Certified Pre-Owned vs. Used Cars

It is better to be well-informed about the differences between used and CPO (Certified Pre-Owned) cars so that you know the benefits you will be getting.

CPO Cars are Criteria-Based, Used Cars are Not

Cars need to fulfill certain conditions set by the manufacturer to be categorized as CPO cars. While these conditions may vary from manufacturer to manufacturer, some common conditions include:

  • The car must have an excellent outer appearance
  • It must be in good working condition
  • The car must have run only 60, 000 to 80, 000 miles at max
  • It must not be more than 5-7 years old

Used cars do not have any such criteria to pass. Good dealerships, however, shortlist only those used cars that demonstrate quality and safety.

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CPO Cars Undergo Rigorous Manufacturer-Backed Inspection, Used Cars Do Not

A factory-certified technician performs rigorous inspection of CPO cars. Damages and worn out parts are repaired or replaced before cars go for sale.

A responsible dealership may perform a basic quality inspection of non-certified used cars. It is the prospective customer that has to request and pay for a thorough inspection and damage correction.

CPO Cars Offer More Perks than Used Cars

CPO cars come with manufacturer-backed benefits such as extended warranty and roadside assistance.

Warranty on used cars usually depends on the extent of the factory warranty that is still active and transferability of such a warranty.

CPO Cars are Costlier than Used Cars

Given the certification process and the benefits, it is no surprise that CPO cars cost more than used cars.

Used cars cost less because they do not give the guarantee of quality and benefits like CPO cars do. Therefore, buy a non-certified used car only from a reliable dealership.

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CPO Cars are Backed by Financing Options While Used Cars are Not

Manufacturers often back their CPO car program with low-interest financing options. Even banks and other credit institutions offer low-interest rates for CPO cars.

With used cars, the best deal is only as good as your talent for bargaining.

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