History of Ford

The History of Ford

The Ford Motor Company, also known as Ford, has been around for over 100 years. Founded in 1903 by Henry Ford and 11 associate investors. Ford manufactures cars, trucks, tractors, and even automobile parts and accessories. It is the quintessential all-American brand and has tasted success since 1908 when it introduced its Model T to the country. But suddenly everyone wanted a car, and by 1913 the company had moving assembly lines in Kansas, USA, and Manchester, England.

That was just the start of Ford’s success, and over the last century, the company has become a leading automotive manufacturer in the US and the world. In the capable hands of Henry Ford’s grandson, Henry Ford II, the company continued to grow and reinvent itself. The cars evolved through the years and newer models were using the latest tech available at the time and packaged in attractive bodies.

In 1989-90, Ford acquired Jaguar—the British luxury car manufacturer—and by 1993, Austin Martin was a wholly-owned subsidiary. And even though it has sold these brands now, the impact Ford Motors had on the American and global automobile industry. Ford knows they have seen hard times as well but has successfully pulled itself out of the red and become a successful company once more.

Ford’s current focus is on SUVs, Pickups, and crossover vehicles as they phase out most of their passenger car models. The company dabbled in electric cars and self-driving vehicles for a while, but these didn’t quite get off the ground. Knowing that it was time to pull the plug, the company pushed its resources into what was working and abandoned some of their less successful ventures.

Test driving a Ford

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